There are many reasons to reach out to an attorney. In most circumstances, it’s best to contact us early to avoid problems and reduce your liability. Whether it’s a union benefit or contribution matter, a contract that may increase your risk, or the management of your personal assets, we are a trusted legal resource for all of your corporate and individual matters.

Your obligation to cooperate with auditors is based on law and/or contract. Whether or to what extent you should cooperate with an audit is fact specific. We can help you clarify your obligation, organize your submissions, strategize and draft your rebuttal of findings and negotiate a resolution of the final outcome.

If you are obligated to pay contributions on behalf of your employees to a pension fund, depending on the financial status of that fund, you may be subject to withdrawal liability if your contributions to that fund reduce significantly or stop altogether. Withdrawal liability and how to avoid it is very fact specific. Please set up a consultation if you would like to assess your circumstances.

We specialize in negotiating with union benefit funds regarding delinquent contributions and can assist you in establishing best business practices to stay up-to-date with your contribution obligations going forward.

We specialize in getting contractors paid. Our office believes in negotiating on your behalf, but if unable to do so, will take further action such as filing a mechanic’s lien and/or suing to recover the money owed to you.

Contracts should be reviewed in exacting detail before being entered into. We can review your contract, outline the most critical terms, identify areas of the greatest concern, provide suggested revisions, and negotiate on your behalf. Never sign a contract you have not read and do not understand completely.

If you are buying or selling a home in New York state, it is highly advisable that you be represented by an attorney who will negotiate the contract of sale and represent your interests at the closing. Our office represents both buyers and sellers of commercial and residential real estate.

If you own assets solely in your name or have specific items you want to leave to certain people or entities upon your death, we recommend that you have a will. If you do not have a will, upon your death anything belonging to you will be passed down to your next of kin as defined by the laws of the state in which you reside.